Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

3 Arguments Your Legal Advisor Will Raise To Get You A Fair Judgment In Your OVI Case

Judy Alexander

Being arrested for operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI) can cause serious consequences on your personal life and your career. But you can mitigate the effects of these charges simply by working with a professional OVI attorney. They will review your case to determine the best legal defenses that can be helpful in fighting the charges. Your lawyer will want to know whether the officers followed the law when arresting you and carrying out sobriety tests. They may raise the following defenses to get you a fair judgment in your OVI case.

The Police Had No Legal Reason to Stop You

The police have a duty to protect drivers and pedestrians against rogue road users. Therefore, they can arrest you for committing any traffic offense, including marked lanes violation. However, the law protects you against any illegal searches and arrests. Thus, the police can only stop you or search your car if they have compelling reasons to believe that you have broken the law. Your legal advisor can challenge the arrest if they believe it was illegal. They will request the police to produce facts supporting their arrest. If their reasons are not supported by law, your lawyer will seek orders preventing the police from using the evidence against you. As a result, the judge might dismiss your case for lack of evidence or give you a lenient judgment.

The Police Forced You to Take Sobriety Tests

You might have to undergo sobriety tests to determine your driving ability if the police believe you were driving under the influence. However, they're supposed to seek your consent before carrying out the tests. Therefore, your lawyer can object to the test results if the officers force you to take tests to determine the alcohol content in your blood. They will protest their use in court, claiming that the police obtained them illegally.

The Police Made Errors When Administering the Tests

The law guides how the police should administer blood, urine, and breath tests after arresting an OVI suspect. Failure to follow these regulations makes the results null and void. A lawyer with experience in OVI cases can identify illegalities in your test results, objecting to their use in court. That will make your accusations baseless, helping you get a lesser charge.

Getting behind the wheel while impaired is a serious criminal offense that might make you lose your driving license or spend months behind bars. Therefore, you may want to hire the best OVI attorney to help you fight the charges. They will raise arguments above to prove that there were illegalities during your arrest. As a result, you may get an acquittal or a reduction of your sentence.


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Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

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