Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

Taking A Close Look At Your Child's Eligibility For Disability Benefits

Judy Alexander

Determining whether or not your child qualifies for disability benefits can be challenging. While you, as a parent, know without a doubt your child is struggling with certain issues that would make it hard on him or her to function normally in society, getting the social security administration (SSA) to see it as well can be tough. Learn more about how the SSA uses six areas to determine whether or not your child is eligible for disability benefits, even if your child's medical or mental problem is not in the listing the administration usually follows.     

How Your Child Acquires And Uses Information

As your child grows from infancy to his or her toddler years, he or she is constantly learning from watching you and from his or her environment. However, if your child is having trouble with things like

  • Determining space (like what is above or below another object)

  • Word concepts like being unable to rhyme words or pick out word sounds

  • Determining whether an object is shorter or taller than another

  • Has trouble understanding time and the difference between day and night

  • Cannot remember what he or she has learned in school, even from one day's time

  • Communicates to you and others in short, easy sentences   

In this area of learning, the SSA can determine whether or not your child has the ability to learn vital concepts necessary for daily functioning. 

If Your Child Can Start And Complete Tasks

One of the reasons this area of determination is important is for learning if your child has the ability to maintain his or her focus and attention in one place for a certain amount of time, according to his or her age group. For example, if your child starts a task and keeps getting side-tracked, completely forgetting the initial task started, it could be a sign of the inability to remain focused and attentive. Also, if your child does not finish a task only because it is not interesting to him or her, it could signify an inability to focus.

How Your Child Interacts With Other People

The point of this area of determination is to find out whether your child is able to successfully communicate with others and to fully understand what others are relaying to him or her. If your child has trouble with his or speech and cannot get other people to understand what he or she is trying to say, it could cause issues with social situations that are important. Children with remarkable speech problems may have trouble fitting into social circumstances and having friends.

Physical Abilities Like Moving Around

Some physical limitations are factors that could determine whether your child is eligible for disability benefits. For example, if your child has difficulty walking up or down stairs or holding on to small objects, he or she could have motor skill issues that would be a qualifying factor. Also, if your child has trouble with eye-to-hand coordination, like being able to control a pencil while writing, he or she could be considered as having a disability qualification.

The Inability To Care For One's Self

While most children are not experts at washing their bodies or cleaning their ears until they are older, there are some hygiene tasks they should be able to carry out on their own. One thing a child that is unable to understand why he or she needs to care for himself or herself is constantly putting foreign objects in their mouth, despite how many times he or she may have been advised about not doing so. Also, if your child willingly participates in activities on a regular basis that are dangerous, like jumping from high places, without considering the painful or hurtful consequences, he or she may have trouble living safely in society later on. Not looking ahead to serious consequences from participating in dangerous activities shows your child lacks the ability of forethought.

Physical Limitations Due To Medical Problems

Children that have had several surgeries and have suffered side effects from them are considered greatly for benefits because the side effects can be disabling. If your child requires constant medical care, he or she qualifies for disability benefits. Children that experience dizziness, weakness and extreme fatigue can also be eligible for benefits.

Learning more about how you can apply for social security disability benefits for your child is important and is easier when you have an experienced lawyer on your side. Discuss with a social security disability attorney about your child's options for getting benefits.


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