Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

2 Suggestions For Making Your Divorce Less Stressful

Judy Alexander

It is no secret that divorce is hard on everyone involved. The spouses take the brunt of the pain, but the children and the rest of the extended family also have a lot of stress and pain involved. This is why if you are going through a divorce, it is best to try and make it as pain free as possible. Here are 2 things that you can do to help make your divorce less stressful.

1. Resolve It Personally If Possible

Of course you will need to use the services of a lawyer like Caldwell Kennedy & Porter at some point. You need to get legal counsel to file all the proper documentation to get the divorce legalized. But you don't need to use an attorney for all the negotiations. If possible you should try and resolve as much of the negotiations on your own.

This means you should sit down with your spouse and go through debt, income, savings, property, custody, pensions and anything else that the two of you share to decide how to divide it up. This will take a lot of maturity and self-control from both spouses. But if you do this, you can be sure that both parties are happy. This is also one of the best ways to ensure that the amount that each spouse get's is fair.  This way the people who understand your situation best, you and your spouse, can decide what is best and not a lawyer or judge.

2. Don't Use Kids As Leverage

One of the worst things divorcing parents do is use their children as leverage. Children are not property, they are human beings, who at this point are very sensitive and very impressionable. There is a good chance that the children will already have their own emotional stress that they are dealing with pertaining to the divorce. To put the children in the middle of it, will not only make the divorce messy, but it could harm the child.

For this reason, when discussing custody, think of what is best for the children. It may be tempting to decide based on what is easiest for you personally, or you might use the kids to hurt your ex-spouse, but you should avoid this at all costs. Instead, think of the children as a separate part of the agreement. Fight over property, money and who is at fault, but do not fight about the children.

By doing these things you can help to make your divorce as stress free as possible. 


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Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

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