Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

Common Reasons For Divorce

Judy Alexander

Divorce is an issue that affects millions of people each year. While couples take a vow to love, honor, and cherish each other for the rest of their lives, too often these once ideal marriages end in a painful divorce. Each couple and individual's situation is different, but sometimes irreconcilable differences just simply means the marriage will not work, let alone last. Here are some of the most common reasons that married people end up in a divorce.

Financial Troubles

Money is often a major player in divorce. If a husband is out of work and cannot find a new job to provide for his family, or a woman is spending too much of the household money or racking up credit card debt, frustration can lead to major problems. Aside from personal financial situations, the economy overall can play a role. For example, if the country is in an economic boom and jobs are plentiful while prices are low, people overall tend to be happier and feel more secure. If someone does not feel financially secure with their other half, they may not feel secure in the relationship, either.

Family and Religion

Often, couples marry without really thinking about or talking about their differences in both their religion and childhood upbringing. It's easy to overlook these differences when dating and courting. But as time goes on, the huge differences among people of different faiths can cause major relationship rifts. In addition, if one spouse was brought up with a certain moral standard and the other was brought up completely differently, this can reflect in each person's behavior. The behavior is exhibited not just towards others, but to each other as partners. Differing moral standards and beliefs can certainly cause couples to separate over time.


Young newlyweds tend to dream about starting a family together and having children. In most cases, having a baby can change the entire dynamic of the relationship. Mothers typically devote most of their time and energy to the child, leaving the father feeling unappreciated. As a couple, children can take up so much time that it is hard to remember to take some time to reconnect together, alone. Often one spouse will agree to having a child just to make the other person happy, which can result in built up resentment down the road..

Other Factors

There are a myriad of other factors that can help contribute to divorce. Alcohol and drug use or addiction is certainly one of them. Some people feel that once a couple has lived together, they don't really appreciate the importance and sanctity of marriage after they tie the knot. Other common causes include infidelity, gambling, and just plain old lack of communication. For couples to remain together, they must work towards building a better, more honest and open future for each other together.


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Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

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