Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

Filing An Uncontested Divorce Petition: The Benefits Of Hiring An Attorney

Judy Alexander

Uncontested or simplified divorce petitions can allow you to speed up the process of finalizing your divorce, and allow you to avoid multiple court appearance. The problem is, people often assume that since these divorce cases are less complex than a contested or traditional divorce, there really is no need for them to hire an attorney. However, the fact is, this assumption could not be any further from the truth. Even in an uncontested divorce case, the services of a divorce attorney can prove quite beneficial.

Document Preparation

Delays in processing your divorce are not always caused by a contesting spouse. Instead, they can often be caused by minor mistakes in your original divorce petition. The hard part is, with so many different documents to complete and file, making a minor mistake can be incredibly easy to do even if you take the time to review each page carefully. This is why it is often best to rely on the expertise of a divorce lawyer when preparing and filling your divorce petition.


In order to file a simplified divorce petition, not only will you and your spouse need to agree on the need for a divorce, but you will also need to agree on the terms of your divorce settlement. In many cases, coming to an agreement on the division of property and debts can be much harder than deciding on the need for a divorce. Thankfully, the mediation services that a divorce attorney offers can help you to reach this important agreement so that you can enjoy the benefits of a simplified divorce petition.

The Unexpected

While you and your spouse may seem to agree on everything from the need for a divorce, all the way down to who will get the good china and the dog, the fact is that absolutely nothing is certain until it actually happens. This is especially true in divorce cases where emotions often run high. For instance, by the time you finally get your day in court, your spouse may have decided that they want to try reconciliation just one more time. If you do not share this settlement, you could suddenly find yourself going from a simplified divorce to a rather complex contest divorce. Hiring a divorce attorney to protect your best interest will allow you to be prepared, just in case something unexpected should occur.

The Bottom Line

Getting divorced can be a complex and stressful process, no matter what type of divorce petition you plan on filing with the court. Therefore, before you take any legal steps towards getting divorced, it is always best to sit down and consult with a reputable divorce attorney in your local area.


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Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

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