Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

How Working With An Attorney Can Help You Get A Favorable Outcome In Your DUI Case

Judy Alexander

Being accused of a DUI can be a tough situation. However, it is possible to beat such charges by working with a lawyer who has dealt with DUI crimes previously. Your attorney will offer proper guidance to shield you against doing or saying something that might complicate your case. This article outlines the measures your lawyer will take to fight your DUI charges. 

Use the Law to Fight Any Illegalities

States usually amend DUI laws now and then, creating puzzles for convicts seeking to protest their arrest or detainment. But on the other hand, lawyers steadily follow all the amendments lawmakers make to the DUI laws. For that reason, they'll quickly spot illegalities done by the arresting officer in a DUI case. Once they identify such irregularities, your lawyer will then challenge the officers in court. Typically, they will quote the constitutional clauses the officers violated to prove that they went against your rights.

Convenience the Judge to Throw Out Your Case

Once you consult a DUI lawyer, they will thoroughly examine your case. Doing this lets them know how to poke holes in the evidence the police collected. They will also develop various strategies in that regard. For example, they can argue that the officers threatened you during interrogation to extract information from you. 

A claim that the police never followed the right procedure when undertaking sobriety tests is another counterargument your attorney can employ. That includes forcing you to take the tests without your consent. If you can convince the court about these illegalities, the jury might throw out your case.

Protect Your Reputation

If you're a repeat offender or a minor, you risk getting severe punishment if convicted of DUI. For example, you might lose your license, or the judge might suspend it for some time. A DUI attorney can use different defenses to protect you from getting a sentence that could ruin your criminal records. In addition to the strategies mentioned earlier, they can point out irregularities in breathalyzer results. In this case, they will request the judge to disallow the use of the test results in court. These interventions are geared towards clearing your name and protecting your reputation.

You have the right to defend yourself when charged with DUI. But you risk getting convicted if you do not fight the charges correctly. Working with an attorney is the best way to ensure a favorable outcome in a DUI case. 


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Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

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