Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

Why You Should Seek Bail Bonds Services After An Arrest

Judy Alexander

The United States makes an average of ten million arrests annually for all offenses. Given the high number of arrestees, bail bond services exist to provide financial aid in settling bail. Bail is the amount an arrestee gives to the court to guarantee they shall appear for all their court dates, avoiding jail time until the proceedings are done. However, some arrestees may not have the full bail amount at the ready or cannot afford the high amount. Such arrestees significantly benefit from the expertise and financial assistance of bail bonds services. Bail bonds services are reliable and provide 24-hour bail bond services to help those who may get arrested at night and cannot contact a lawyer or family member. Additional benefits of bail bonds services are included below.

Bail Bondsmen Offer Suitable Repayment Plans

Usually, courts set a bail amount equal to a defendant's charge, criminal record, and other relevant facts that the court may deem appropriate. Thus, a defendant may be unable to pay their bail amount depending on the severity of the charge. Luckily, such defendants can rely on the help of a bail bondsman. Bail bonds services require a ten percent deposit of the total bail amount before clearing the full amount on the defendant's behalf. The defendant also negotiates favorable repayment terms with the bail bonds service, easing their financial strain.

Avoiding Unnecessary Attention Following An Arrest

White-collar crimes attract a lot of money in bail. The reason is that white-collar crimes, such as mortgage and corporate fraud, involve huge amounts. Courts often punish financial or white-collar crimes severely to deter such practices. Thus, settling massive bail amounts from the defendant's account may raise questions and attract an investigation to establish the source of the money. Investigations can take a long time, detracting from a defendant's preparation time with their lawyers. Thus, defendants hoping to avoid an investigation and prefer to maintain financial privacy can hire a bail bonds service to bail them out.

They Offer Invaluable Convenience

Bail bonds services offer an essential service that is reliable and convenient. First, 24-hour bail bonds services are available around the clock for any arrestee requiring assistance. Thus, bail bonds services can help an arrestee avoid unnecessary hours in jail because they cannot reach a lawyer or family. Second, defendants who cannot raise bail have to stay in jail until the process is complete, even if, in the end, they are innocent. Staying in jail disrupts one's life and stalls activities that can be crucial. Thus, bail bonds services help individuals avoid inconveniences after arrests.


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Image Licensing Protections: An Introduction

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